Restaurant Konvikt Olomouc

Our restaurant Konvikt Olomouc will immediately capture you with its unique environment; located in the grounds of an old Jesuit College, which is today the art center of Palacky University in Olomouc. During the summer months you can enjoy a meal in the courtyard of the building overlooking the park whilst in the winter again enjoy the majestic atmosphere of its interior.

Our food is prepared only from the finest fresh ingredients. Our kitchen works on the slow-food principle: food is made with fresh, quality ingredients which are mostly of local origin on demand. Maybe you will wait a few minutes longer, but the result will be that worth that extra wait. You can also be assured that your food does not contain artificial flavoring agents or intermediates. Our restaurant is also focused on making our own pasta.

The origin of our ingredients as also something we pay extra attention to: our goat cheese comes from Rozinka farm in Čelechovic na Hané and our meat from local butchers from for example Újezd near Uničov.

Apart from a wide selection of premium dishes, you can also enjoy a quiet cup of excellent coffee from local coffee roasters Kikafe of Olomouc or a pint of homemade lemonade from our own selection.

Our restaurant’s doors are open for you everyday from 10am and during afternoon lunch hours we offer lunch menus combined from two different soups and four main courses.

Konvikt Restaurant team